About Mary Beth

Hi! I’m Mary Beth Weisenburger. Thanks for checking out Praying with a Pen!

I’m a magazine editor, a family humor columnist and an author, but my favorite form of writing is prayer journaling. Praying with a pen every morning for years dramatically strengthened my spiritual life, even drawing me back home to the Catholic Church in 2013 after decades in various Protestant churches!  I previously worked in senior positions in the banking and healthcare industries and I’ve taught classes at the college level. I’m a member of St. Michael’s church choir, I love to sing at big Catholic weddings and I have recently begun facilitating book studies and retreats for women. I am also the grateful wife (30 years and counting) to Steve and the mom to two amazing adult children: Curtis–a seminarian;  and Erin–a school social worker who is married to Damon, our awesome son-in-law. And now I’m a grandma too! Life is good!