The Book

It’s here! Praying with a Pen–The Girlfriends’ Guide to Stress-Free Prayer Journaling is now available on Amazon! Just click here. Or to order it directly from Dynamic Catholic, click here.  Your first copy is free!!

Would you like to become comfortable conversing with God one-on-one, informally and intimately? Would you like to hear answers to your prayers and petitions, feel God’s love in a personal way, and recognize his hand at work in your everyday life?

With a lighthearted, girlfriend-to-girlfriend style, author Mary Beth Weisenburger shows how you can do just that—through prayer journaling. There’s no need to feel intimidated. Using nothing but a pen, some paper and a bit of persistence, you can draw nearer to God in a simple yet profound way. By praying with a pen, Mary Beth discovered an arms-wide-open God, one who silently listens and lovingly responds to her, day after day. He’ll do the same for you.
If you’re ready for a deeper sense of peace in your busy life, grab a notebook, find a quiet spot, and God will meet you there. He’s delighted that you want to spend time with him. He’s been waiting for you!