Be Still and Know


Over the past few weeks I have dusted off my Eucharistic Adoration Journal from previous years and have begun transcribing the handwritten notes into a Word document. I keep this journal separately from my morning prayer journaling notebook; It is only used when I get the chance to go to Adoration. I am grateful that my once-a-month Adoration habit has grown to a once-a-week habit. And now that the new priest at my tiny local parish is starting Adoration before our one weekday Mass, I will have a twice-a-week habit!
The opportunity to sit in silence, gazing at Jesus on the altar, has a powerful effect on me. What about you? My journal notes reflect all kinds of emotions, but most often it’s just plain gratitude and awe. As I begin ramping up this blog once again, I will be injecting some Adoration Awe into the writings. Stay tuned for some bits and pieces of inspiration from the pew!