Looking for a keynote or seminar speaker? Mary Beth would love to talk with you! She has been a popular humor columnist in northwest Ohio for over 15 years. She is an author, magazine editor, speaker… and a former Washington intern! She has won awards for her creative work in marketing and advertising, and for her ability to connect with audiences in person, on air and in print. She holds an undergraduate degree in Communications, a Master’s degree in Business and Organizational Leadership and a doctoral degree  in smiling her way through life’s messes! She has great fun sharing her musings through her writing and by speaking to groups, and thereby successfully avoids housework as much as possible.

Treat your group or organization to a special program of laughter, learning and gentle introspection. Contact Mary Beth today!

Here’s a sampling of Mary Beth’s presentation topics:

Go Write to God

If you could find a way to talk to God every day–and have Him answer–for less than $3 and 30 minutes of your time, would you? Invest in a cheap notebook and a good pen and you are ready to start writing to God. There are no rules to praying with a pen, but there are many rewards!

Everyday Delights

Slowing down and enjoying the little gifts God sends us on a daily basis  can completely change our days, our moods and our perspectives. They are hints of heaven! Recognizing Everyday Delights can be an especially critical lifeline for a frazzled mom, but they are easy to overlook. Learn how to activate your Everyday Delight Radar and never miss one again!

Bloom Where You’re Planted

Just like some hardy perennial flowers, we can make the best of our circumstances and learn to get around obstacles, no matter what situation we’re in. Faith, resourcefulness, a positive outlook and (of course) a sense of humor help us blossom and grow wherever we are planted in life!

…and there’s more! Contact Mary Beth today to customize a program for your group.